Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Happy Mother's Day**Cake

I baked cake for my mother during the Mother's Day
My four colleagues came to my house
They also wanted to prepair a special present for their mother
Baking a cake by themselves..
And give it as a present to their mother..
We are all five people,
baking six cakes together..
We spent 7 hours to complete it..

There are six difference cakes on the table
All baked by ourselves

All decorated by fruits

but they are not Fruit Cake

Black Forest Cake

Baked by David

Fresh Fruit Cake

Baked by Judy

Mangoes Yoghurt Cake
Baked by Lichi

American Chocolate Cake

Baked by Jackie

Mini Black Forest Cake

Baked by Lichi

Mini Black Forest Cake

Baked by Cheng Ho

Finally we finish baking our cakes

looked so tired

It was already 9pm

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