Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Holiday in Lumut**27/12-30/12

My final exam is around the corner..I spent my Study Weeks in Lumut with my family..felt very guilty but i really enjoyed the trip..The most important reason is this is the first time i go traveling with my mother-side family..What can i say is it was a funny trip..Seriously~

This is the luggages we brought..i wanna announce that-That is only a small part of our luggages..Actually our trip is 4 days 3 nights..not 4 years 3 months..

Even the colour of the sky also nicer than KL's..I do like the environment in village..nice,clean,fresh air,clear water,green plants...I captured this image in the bus..I like the greenness of the image..

Oops~I forgot to say..we went there by bus..we rent a bus and took a traveling package but the timetable is very flexible..They just arrange what we need..Can you imagine how many person we have?...A lots..

Finally we reached Lumut after sitting 5 hours in the bus..We stayed in Damai Laut Resort..This was the first photo i capture in this resort..Wow~I like the sea...and of course the swimming pool..We spent 4 days 3 nights in this resort..

I met Lee Jia Li (my secondary friend)over here..she also came here during her vacation..
See all the drunker were taking their whiskey's cup...

My dad brought his 2 "babe" to share..According to their opinion, the beer is very nice..I did drink some..Oops~is tried some..i dont think it is nice..hehe..coke is nicer~

We had all our lunch and dinner here..

In the another day, we went out to the sea by a boat..about 12 person in one boat..We went around the island by boat..

The ships which is used in a war..
My cousin sister..

Pangkor Laut~it is a very nice place and the traveling expense here is extremely high because this island is private island..We didnt get down there because we have to pay at least 50 bucks once we step on the island..Crazy kah?

A lot of "salted fish"~
We were preparing to go diving..

We were playing beach volleyball beside the resort..
My cousin~
The next day, we went to play paint ball..
Guess which is me?
The second team

The third team
The fourth team..

Tiring game~water ball...need much energy to move in the water..really tired after playing this one..

Christmas's Present

Christmas's Present from kah leong..
Too much food..cant finish..
Wanna say thank you to this guy..sorry for cutting your head..haha..

Goodbye 2008@Welcome 2009

The time now is 8:28pm..
After 3 more is another year-2009

I am waiting for my cousins, uncles, aunties..
We have a count down party at my place.
Steamboat and BBQ..
However, I am unhappy now..
Because of some irritating reasons..
I am not going to write here..
I just express my sadness to someone i trust..
BUT u seem very busy and didnt give me any good feedback..
Not even a warmness word i need..

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A small Christmas's Party at home**25122008

These are garlic breads..Yummy~Please ignore the black colour part..over heated..

The mashed-potatoes -Lichi
French fried-Xuan
Steak- Mum
Vegetables- Juan
Breads- bought by Dad

Is it a delicious meal?...Yeap~

My dad kept saying he wanted to get a big present..finally u see what he got?..He got the cheapest one..haha..Snacks..RM1.80..
We took a nice photo before the meal..

Belated ~Merry Christmas~

幸福套餐 wor~

第一 :被点者请在自己的 BLOG里写下答案
第二 : 请传另外十位的人
第三 : 传阅人‘请在于这十位当中斗留言版’ 告知他(她) 被点名了
第四 : 这当中的十位的人‘不得拒绝’
第五: 被点者‘请注明被谁点了’ 在哪接到‘在传给下十位’
第六: 这些被点名者’ 你们被点会得到祝福并且愿望会实现’ 也会得到幸福.


幸福套餐 NO。1♥
01 你的绰号 : 跟不同的人有不同的绰号

02 年龄 : 19

03 生日 : 27 May 1989

04 星座 : 双子座

05 兴趣 : 睡觉 发呆 勉强看下书

06 专长 : 讲话


幸福套餐 NO。2♥
01 你有没有喜欢的人? : 有

02 是否在交往? : 是

03 现在幸福吗? : 当然

04 如果上天给你勇气,最想做什么事? : 教训爸爸妈妈应该怎样教孩子。。呵呵

05 如果有天,你爱的人跟你告白的话? : 真的很兴奋


幸福套餐 NO。3♥
01 点你的人是 : 永辉

02 他是你的 : 中学认识的朋友

03 他的个性? : 很有思想 很好动

04 认识他多久? : 3年

05 你觉得他怎样? : 无论是什么事都能处理的很好

06 你想对他说什么 : 我很欣赏你(你应该很明白我的欣赏是很干净的)


幸福套餐 NO。4♥
01 最爱的节目 : 目前没有因为在宿舍没有电视机

02 最爱的音乐 : 爱情歌

03 最爱的季节 : winter 喜欢白白的雪

04 最爱的卡通 : badz maru

05 最爱的人 : 家人, kl

06 最爱的颜色 : 粉色系列

07 最爱的国家 : 日本

08 最爱的天气 : 阴天 因为没有太阳


幸福套餐 NO。5♥
01 如果上天给你三个愿望 : 家人平安, 和爱人永远幸福, 吃都吃不肥

02 你是很专一的人吗 : 是 呱~

03 最深刻的回忆? : 中学的生活

04 你是个很有信心的人吗? : 在某些事。。。是

05 你很爱微笑吗 : 不错咯

06 如果你要放弃你现在的生活,你愿意吗 : 死都不愿意

07 妄想什么样的生活 : 不愁衣食住行,能和心爱的人在一起

08 是否横刀夺爱才是爱 : 不是

调卷到此结束‘点人者请至于被点者的留言版’ 告知被点名了.


Friday, December 19, 2008

Chritsmas's Party in Bolwin's Hostel

16/12/2008(Tuesday) we had no lecture so we planned to organize a small Party in Bolwin's hostel..Yup~a small BBQ which only had our coursemate and kl..Well, we went to swimming in the morning..Then we planned to go Tesco which is located in Kajang to buy some BBQ stuff..
After swimming, i and..
Shuxin were sitting in Marcus's car..
And the Bolwin was sitting in front..we were looking around for our breakfast..
This is our driver..Thanks~ and sorry because we wasted a lot of petrol of ur car..we went to the wrong place..but finally we reached Tesco..
That was what we eat that morning>>>KFC..Yummy~
I didnt take any photos in the Tesco..
About 5pm, we started to prepare for our BBQ..

Wey Mein(guy wearing red shirt) is a real good guy..Nothing to worry if he is here..nice~Yeap~I and Shuxin fried these nuggets and French Fries..Nice~ we are superwomen..haha

Bolwin's laptop provided great songs to us..and the speakers on the table as a nice audio in our party..They were sounded by foods..
I remembered that Rong Han teach me to bake the potatoes and sweet potatoes in BBQ..wrapped up them in aluminum foil and throw them into the charcoal..after BBQ, take them out and serve it..because they take long time to cooked..I followed the direction but the potatoes was over cooked and became black in colour..I scorched the potatoes..Oops~Sorry..

This guy was burning the Mummy~
Can you see the chicken wings? they were so delicious..
This guy not enough full and went to buy burger..hehe
Omg~What was this girl doing?..Shuxin~~~ur tongue should put out more..hahaahaha

Crazy guys.. long???!!!
We drank alcohol after that..chit chat ..and played a Secret game..This is from Bolwin..Chivas..I drank without adding any water..pure chivas..Oops~like burning my organ inside my body..Cis~

We took the last photo after the Party..All from Chemical Engineering..

Although it is a small party but fun..we know each others more after the party..I wont be lonely in my uni after having them beside me..Although only two girls in this gang(me and Shuxin) but i dont care..the most important is WE ARE HAPPY...

My first party in Nottingham...Christmas's Party

My new pendrive

Well, I have a new pendrive now...
actually i have been using this pendrive for 2 weeks ad..Sorry for out-dated post..

Kingston 4GB Mini Slim and my CartoonActually the cartoon is from one set which has 4 difference colour..

The TOSHIBA labeled string is from kl

Thank you kl, i like these pendrive and cartoon..Thank you~