Sunday, November 30, 2008

Updated List

  • Math test
  • PEF Coursework
  • Assignment 2
  • Lab + Lap Report

Saturday, November 29, 2008


I am so damn down now..
i received an email from my uni..

"I regret to inform you that one of our fellow students who got attacked at forest bar some days back has suddenly passed away this morning.
He is a final year student of the Faculty of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

How can this happen so suddenly??
Forest bar is nearby my hostel..very near...
Semenyik is really a dangerous place...

I got a Math test on Tuesday..
no mood to study ad..

the uni should to something to protect the students..there are not only one case happened ad..there are so many cases happened in the few months ago..they did nothing to ameliorate security here..the street light along the road also not working..really irritating ..How student live peaceful there?

Really hope everything there can be improved~

Assignment 1-Haze from forest fires

i done my Assignment 1 which due date is Monday..
I started doing research from 10am until now..
Just to write an 1000 words essay..
I hate ESSAY..
always get stuck of it..

After finish this,
i still have another 2000 words essay..

WHY engineering student should write essay?

because I am student of Chemical with Environmental Engineering..
Can i change to Chemical Engineering now?

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Now is 2.25pm,
I just finished my Presentation,
I was EXTREMELY scare during the Presentation,
Finally it is over...
Let's celebrate~

The comment of lecturer is:
It's too short~


Now is 12:25pm,
I am sitting in the Engineering Computer Lab,
I will be doing my Presentation here at 2pm,
I am the second student who gives the Presentation,
It is exactly the first Presentation in my life,
Wearing formally and talk in front of the people..
I just wanna ask"Who CREATE this kind of presentation??"
which makes people pretty nervous!!!

But also learn more in talking...

Let me repeat again:

My title is....

Dragon Fruits

Good Luck Lichi~

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Visit To Bukit Tagar**25112008

My Sustainability's lecturer organized a visit to Bukit Tagar which is located in Rawang(Actually not so sure) So we planned to set out from campus at 6.30am..OMG~this means that we should wake up around 5am..since i graduated in Chong Hwa, i never wake up so early anymore...However i can make it, i tumpang Eileen's car ( No need to walk in the dark road by self ) thanks Eileen~

We spent about 2 hours to arrive there..I slept during the whole way ...
Bukit Tagar Sanitary Landfill is the first landfill in Malaysia, it is also the most premier in region..actually it is not that busuk although there are million tonnes of rubbishssssss over there...but still got some disgusting smell..

I learn a lot of additional knowledges in this visit..I will show the photossss in my blog later..

To Be Continue...

I Miss My Family

My parents, two sisters are in China now...Pretty MISS them..My dad did call me on Sunday until now i didnt receive any call from them..miss them some more worry about their safety..because China famous in earthquake recently...Pray for them~~

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Winnie's Birthday

Yesterday we celebrated Winnie's Brithday in SS2@ Hong Kong Restaurant...Before that, one of my friend Yan Er got a drama performance in KL but i couldnt rush there to give her support..because my families went to China in the morning, i have to fetch them to the airport..I am so sorry, Er Gu~However, i heard a good news from Chiamay, Winnie and Cherrie that you did well in your performance..really felt proud of you..Anyway~enjoy your drama life..

Well~actually Winnie's birthday properly drop at 27th of November,we celebrate early for her..some more wanna give her a surprise ..Cherrie baked a cake for Winnie@Lemon cake..nice~See the photo below>>Only four of us attended, **Rumin is busy in her workssss...**Kat is in UK now..**Yan Er is also busy..7 sha possssssssss...Miss~
Wei Hao, Chaimay,Dai lou, Me, Cherrie, Winnie, Kor Wai and his girl friend, Pei Li, Wei Hang and Bobo..11 of us..really weird group..but all from Chong Hwa..
Winnie with Birthday Cake~
After the celebrating, Cherrie and Chaimay stayed overnight in my house, we talked until morning 6 o'clock..Terrible~

Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy Birthday To My Dearest MUM

Just want to say Happy Birthday to you..I love You..Thank you for everythingssssssssss you did for me...The only thing i can do in your birthday is to buy you a cake and say Happy Birthday to you..

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

FINALLY i lost my pendrive

FINALLY I lost my pendrive..why I put is because I expected I will lost it someday in the future.. FINALLY I lost it..That day(Monday) I was rushing to do my lab report which has to hand in on Tuesday in the TISCRA 3..I plugged my pendrive into the USB port of the computer..after finishing my report, I was so happy to print it out until forgot to remove my pendrive before I leave the room…I realized it has gone on the another day morning, when I rushed back to TISCRA 3, it was too late..someone has already removed it…I have reported to the security department..they said no similar pendrive in the FOUND items box..sad~However..i have already accepted the truth and is going to buy another new one..

My ex-pendrive:

Toshiba(2GB) with a decoration white cartoon tagged "Lichi"


I finished my Presentation presentation is coming soon on next Friday(28-11-2008)..count down 10 days from now..I feel damn takut nervous when every times awakening I have to speak in front of people..I have already forgotten that last time when i was the president,how i speak in front of the members during activities..some more i was the vice president of Leaders of Society..speaking in public was so accustomed to me..I was so Smart when i was studying in Chong Hwa..BUT you couldn't find this style of Lichi in Nottingham anymore..Everyday think about how to catch up the to finish the to settle the extra entertainment.only in studies..I keep remembering myself that "Work hard in this several months,after that I can release and enjoy my 3++months vacation"..Yup~everything will be OK..take it easy~

Now i can cancel Math Coursework and Presentation from the below list...Cheer for me~Tomorrow Chemical Engineering students are going to visit Industry Ajinomotor..therefore the Math lecture for tomorrow is already canceled..It means that i have no class tomorrow so i can shirk to sleep lately, read my friction "The Second Husband"..Cheer for me again~..

Forgot to introduce my Presentation..
Dragon Fruits
do eat more dragon fruits because it can lower the glucose level in your body..some more can gain a lot of Vitamin C...I extremely like it..

I want to sleep now..Goodnight~

Monday, November 10, 2008

A lot of things are waiting for me

  1. Math coursework
  2. Individual Presentation
  3. Sustainability Assignment 1
  4. Sustainability Assignment 2
  5. Lab Reportsssssssss

Now, i am still sitting in TISCRA wasting my time....damn lazy~

Friday, November 7, 2008

My Dinner in Nottingham

Finally i can upload my nice nice photo..because i am home now..First at all, i would like to show my dinner here..all cooked by is truth..I am going to introduce one by one right now..

This is spagetti with tomato sauce..i used prego sauce and add in hotdog, potatoes, bean and tomato sauce..
This one is orange juices
I cooked mushroom soup by using the "Campbellis"...not bad..but i know it is not healthy..
Mash Potatoes..i learnt it from my housemate..My dinner....

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Time pass through damn fast

Just now, i called my mum to let her know that i am going home tomorrow..she said:"Friday again."
Yup~one week is going to end up i almost completed half of my semester..woo~really fast..two months after i have to suffer in my exam..but no worry..i will take it easy just because first year marks are not counted..However, i hope i can maintain my scholarship although it is not much..Well~busy everyday after started my semester..reports, course works, assignments non stop given by the i am so free typing for my blog because i finished my lab report yesterday and just handed in this only got 2 hours lecture for math..actually still got a lots of works havent completed even havent started it..LAZY...really feel so lazy..

i want to choose "water treatment" for my presentation but it seem like very complex and included a lot of processes..dun know why i feel like very interesting in "water treatment"..the only subject appeared in my mind when the lecturer told us to choose title for presentation..maybe i really hope that we can drink the pipe water without boiling in malaysia just like other countries. i know it is hopeless dream..Anyway, i borrowed a book titled "water treatment facilities" from the library..hope it is helpful..