Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Dream of Cooleong in PLKN

I'm very sorry to u
because i'm always no idea
to contribute to this blog..

Now, I'm going to share a little bit experience in NS..
Just a bit ... because i don't have complete photos to post out..

God blessing~~
I have been allocated into the
Kem Paya Indah in Dengkil,Kuala Langat..

Before i got in,

After that......
There are some scenes in my Kem Paya Indah..

Dewan Taklimat....Most boring place~~~
A place where Muslim must go everyday....

Padang Kawat...( padang jemur)
My Dorm & Toilet...

IN Dorm 3 ("DORM ZOO")....
I knew many friends, and we all have our own animal names...(just for fun)
Sorness(behind), My only chinese fren in my dorm~~Chris(beside me)

How bout this post? Don't praise me la..

Some activities I've done in the whole camp:~
~~Classes:Character Building(CB), Kenegaraan, HIV/AIDS,
Integrasi, Sastera dan Budaya

~~Physical Training(PT) pagi
~~M16 gun shooting
~~Flying Fox
~~Sukan Kreativiti
~~Rentas Halangan
~~Kelas Kerohanian( kelas agama )
~~Wirajaya( 1 day camping in forest)
~~T.T.S.(tempuh tanpa senjata)
~~Pertandingan pingpong,futsal,football,volleyball....
~~Khidmat Komuniti(KK)>>Visit to Rumah Anak Yatim, Rumah Orang Tua,
Rumah Orang Asli, Planetanium Malaysia, Balai Bomba Cyberjaya, Penjara
Kajang, Hari Belia(Stadium Putra), KD Sri Klang(PSSTLDM),Muzium Polis


He is our very kind Chinese jurulatih... He was so take care of us...
Though he is 65 now, he is still as humour like a child...
His pet phrase is “ 随缘~~~
Thank you so much, Cikgu Ong.

食~~~胜~~~!!! (Hey, pls don't play any food la...)
lat da li lat da lit dam bom....
Undeniably, we always did something weird to relieve our stress..(fake smoke la)

Haiz.... we all hate this part...
You know I know what is it la.....
A new Lovely Couple created by PLKN.. 缘分无法挡。。

My god!!~~ There are two" big mice " ...!!

~Buddhism Class~
I learn so much here about the great wisdom of Buddha..

We were having our dinner in 佛光山东禅寺 .. thanks a lot。。 感恩

We weren't only eat in there, but also help to did some works..

Those are the proves of which we leaved our
footprints on the ground of 佛光山东禅寺
every weekend.
I am so proud that i have the opportunity to stand beside
the Great Teacher Sakyamuni and cleaned his body..


gak~~ gak~~ gak~~

BYe Bye!!! Hey, Tak mau balik ka!!!?!!
Gathering in Sunway Pyramid Redbox during our "cuti penggal"..

~~~The End~~~

Authored by Cooleong


zhiyong said...

hey!! welcome back!! looks like you had a great experience in ns! haha.. so nice can clean the buddha statue..

Cooleong said...

Ya....it's a very great experience to clean Sakyamuni statue.. i had even climbed on his shoulder to wash his head...nice..

chen said...

Hi I'm Cikgu Chen, you disgrace yourself and all your dorm friends coz you show bad example to all th chinese race,
1. Dorm is a privacy place but you show your friend half naked that means you betray your friend
2.Cikgu Ong teaches you all those positif thinking to be a good person, but you didnt do it rather you disgrace yourself.
3 All those things you write about PLKN is it true or because you want to be glamour of your self

p.s if you got conscious take out all those negatif photos.(call Uncle Ong he's very upset

Cooleong said...

ya, sorry teacher chen...
i will remove the negative posts..
yet i will just post out the truth and my opinions..

Marius said...

nice pic bro!