Tuesday, October 28, 2008

ACP Test

In class test:Applied Chemistry and Physics
Duration:1 hour
Venue: F3C09
Module include 1)Mechanics 2)Chemistry

Yup~just finished my test..it was my first test in nottingham..i never study for exam almost 1 year since last year i did the UEC..felt so "strange" in studying..Well~i studied hard last night..because i want to do well in my first test..to have a good "opening" over here..hehe..However, i feel relax now..
Reason 1: i finished my test
Reason 2: I have no more lecture today
Reason 3: I have no ANY lecture tommorrow because my Indian lecturer took leave for his Deepavali's vacation
Reason 4: I am going to swim tomorrow morning, i will enjoy the coolness of the pool water..
Reason 5: Mask Party is organised in uni tonight..of course i will be there..



Anonymous said...

keke...seems enjoy ur life thr ya..ur latest blog make me fel joyful..take care chi!=)


lichi said...

How about you?
Quite long time no update ur news ad..
Anyway~take care ya~

Anonymous said...

it's must have a weird feel about to sit on a test after u didnt touch it for a long year...anyway i trust that u will do well in ur exam.