Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Time pass through damn fast

Just now, i called my mum to let her know that i am going home tomorrow..she said:"Friday again."
Yup~one week is going to end up i almost completed half of my semester..woo~really fast..two months after i have to suffer in my exam..but no worry..i will take it easy just because first year marks are not counted..However, i hope i can maintain my scholarship although it is not much..Well~busy everyday after started my semester..reports, course works, assignments non stop given by the i am so free typing for my blog because i finished my lab report yesterday and just handed in this only got 2 hours lecture for math..actually still got a lots of works havent completed even havent started it..LAZY...really feel so lazy..

i want to choose "water treatment" for my presentation but it seem like very complex and included a lot of processes..dun know why i feel like very interesting in "water treatment"..the only subject appeared in my mind when the lecturer told us to choose title for presentation..maybe i really hope that we can drink the pipe water without boiling in malaysia just like other countries. i know it is hopeless dream..Anyway, i borrowed a book titled "water treatment facilities" from the library..hope it is helpful..


Anonymous said...

whatever issue u choose as your presentation title..
i trust that you must can manage it very well..
trust yourself as if you think you can, you can..

lichi said...

Finally my lecturer replied me by mail..she said it sounds interesting if i select the Dragon Fruits for my happy..

Lai Yong Hui said...

time pass really fast ler..
i almost finish 1st sem in NUS..
but learn a lot..
next sem may be better..
u gambate ler..
hope u can maintain the scholarship~