Wednesday, February 11, 2009

After 2 hour,
I will be sitting in the car going to airport..
I am not that excited now..

still worrying about somethings..
Can i catch up with my homework after skipping the 1 week class?

But i keep telling myself that:
It is a golden chance which can visit my brother's uni in Perth and also have a trip in Australia..It is worth doing that..

I promise that I will Play hard in Perth and Work hard after that..

Wish an early Happy Valentine's Day..
Hope that every girls do receive flowers from someone they love although I DIDNT!!


kevinpnp said...

Going to Perth for a week? That's nice. I've never been there before. But, there's a big Malaysian and Thai community in Austrailia. Hope you enjoy your trip.

Btw, I'm going to Paris on Valentines Day. Hehe...

RehS said...

kaka...aiyoyo...Kah leong stil dun action?!

cooleong said...

dar... have a nice trip.. really miss u everyday.. flower flower... malimalihom......

Xjion89 said...

hehe, happy belated valentine! U got tagged!!!!!!!(^^)