Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Nothing can stop me

I aimed the target!!
Nothing can stop me
I will persist in my promise!!
~Say Good Luck To me~

Please cease all your childishness
Kick you away from here!!
I want peaceful
Desperately want...

I am going to Konnof(spell rightly??) tonight
Yea~Yi huan, I am so near to you
Behsmallrice, I am so near to you too

Only slept 6 hours today
I am sick without sleeping
I need 8 hours of sleeping time
sleepy now
only COFFEE can save me
Love You so much!!

Happy Birthday To Kok Chew


behsmallrice said...

i m not sure with the spelling
but i m sure u r wrong
i think is connaught
y din ajak me go de
yer yer yer

lichi said...

because wor
i am going with my coursemates
feel like very weird to merge both together..haha
next time lar..
ajak mai Yihuan