Sunday, January 24, 2010


sorry everyone, I have been abandoned this pity blog for long long time..oh is 2010..goodbye 2009...I just finished my final exam..the first exam in uk..the new semester is coming tomorrow..that means i still have one semester time in uk,,after this i have to go back to malaysia..and wont be coming back to here in a short i dun wanna waste any time ad..i gonna enjoy all my time to the peak before i leave here...

my new year's resolutions:
1 travel at least 5 places within uk
2 spend at least 3 hours a week to fight back my marks
3 cant sleep more than 8 hours a day
4 travel at least 3 countries in the ester
5 cook at least 4 days a week
6 try to remember ppl's birthday without referring to facebook


kimi said...

gambatte lichi!!!!

behsmallrice said...

hahah the last resolution!!
gambateh oo
i miss u very much^^

Katkat said...

warr.. so ambitious=) haha^^
enjoy lorr^^

Cooleong said...

i miss you so much..
i trust you can do all your new year's ambitions..
enjoy it when uk are still attractive...
Cheers with you when you come back..

Cooleong said...

wa...who's the stupid fellow spamming so many illegal links in your blog comment...
block him out of here..