Thursday, January 28, 2010

Semester 2

I have been starting my semester 2 four days ago..every subject seem like very challenging...the most unacceptable subject is the management and accounting..ask an engineer student to study account and i have no's my compulsory subject..maybe i should happy because can learn more other side knowledge....and knew a bad news from webct..i have to go for a field during my easter holiday and it starts from 11 of april to 16 of april..and have to pay 295 pounds for the field..oh spoil my travel plan...somemore there are two presentations during the field course...oh..i din bring formal shirt...oh..i dun like to talk in the public...oh..i have to cooperate with someone i dun know..but well..think in the good way..i may gain a lot of experiences in this..and also can buy a new set of formal shirt for myself..hehe..good good..

Chinese New Year is coming SOON...I couldn't find any new year card here...sorry daddy mummy juan juan xuan xuan er ge da ge leong leong..i can only wish you all happy chinese new year by my lovely sounds..hehe...and i am going to manchester during CNY...yoyo...wish everyone has a very


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