Tuesday, March 17, 2009



Today I saw this from the newspaper when I was in library
very happy~
some one would say why happy?
if teach english in math and science from primary school, they would be easier to carry on in the secondary school!!
It make sense but I was a primary teacher last year
I was teaching Standard 4's science
The little pity standard 4 students have to learn both language in math and science
English in math and science
Chinese in math and science
It means that they have to take 4 subjects for math and science
It is really a heavy stuff for them
In addition,
science in english really not easy
a lot of science term have to memorize!!
All this science terms are not simple even for secondary student also hard to carry on..
They are only standard 4 student
so they choose to give up..
in the end, they learn nothing in math and science..

In my opinion,
This decision is right!!

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