Saturday, March 7, 2009

Visit to Gardenia's Factory@5/3/2009

Date: 5/3/2009(Thursday)

I joined a visit to Gardenia's Factory which is organized by Chess Club
After Thermodynamic class, we set out from uni around 1:30pm
The Gardenia's Factory is located in Shah Alam which is considered far from our uni
Have to take almost 1 hours to reach there..
This was captured in the bus while heading to Gardenia's Factory
Everyone was watching movie in the bus

After 1 hour,
we arrived here>>

It is outside of the Gardenia's Factory..
Colorful Tag
Before entering the Factory
Everyone should wear a pass
and this is mine>>number 36
I and Shuxin took photo with the little baker who holding two loaf of bread

The board clearly tag
"Selamat Datang Lecturers & Students of The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus"

They provided Gardenia's tissue
All things in Gardenia's tag
Michelle,Shuxin and me
Me, Michelle, Priscillia, Jacqueline
Dr Lau was giving the memento to the stuff in the reception room

We were not allow to take any photo inside the production plant
I have no photos of that part
only captured some picture which were hanging on the wall
This is the Cooler machine..It is a huge Cooler
I like this..
It is really huge!!
when the bread go inside the cooler it takes 1 hour to turn out from the Cooler
Can imagine how huge is it?
and there are hundred thousand loaf of bread in the Cooler

In the end,
Gardenia gave each of us a pack of Gardenia product
We were holding it..
inside the package we have these>>>

It is a meaningful visit for me
I have an eye on the machine and learnt some knowledges about that
and also brought a lot of bread home

This visit also proved that the work of Chemical Engineer can be very saved

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kevinpnp said...

Don't wanna put you off. Do you think that Chemical Engineer is safe from the credit crunch? Yes, you can work in most of the manufacturing sector, but with a reduction in demand for goods, factories will have to downsize their production capacities.

In malaysia, most of the factories were shut down. But things will change in the future. Don't worry, there's nothing you can do. Good luck!