Saturday, March 7, 2009


Today, i was so Malang in the whole day...

It was so f*king jam all the way from Semenyik to Sungai Buloh
I spent alomost 2 hours in the car
somemore my little Kenari is manual car
I have to kept stepping on gear the whole journey
and of cause my legs were numb with tiredness..
finally i reached home at 5pm!!
Malang Malang Malang!!

I was scolded by the lecturer in the class!!
Yesterday i started doing revision for today test and completed the coursework given by the lecturer
I did it until midnight
and I planned to print it out in this morning
the computer room was undergoing maintenance
so all the computer in uni is not working until 12pm
Then I planned to hand in the coursework after lunch
the computer was still not working
and the officer said they were not sure when will it start functioning
Then i explained to the lecturer
but she didn't listen to me
and started scolding me in front of the class
using her loudly voices!!
That moment i really felt wronged!!
Malang Malang Malang!!

Thanks, Alan(I don't know how to spell it,Civil Engineering Student)I am ok now, just now I was trying to cool down myself before going to test..Anyway, Thanks~

during the class
i realized my handphone disappear
I found the car and the way I went before
but I failed to find back my handphone
Then I drive back to my hostel to find
finally i found it on the sofa of dinning room..
Malang Malang Malang!!

This week really unlucky!!

The only happy thing is :
I went to watch 幸福万岁@Love matter
I spotted my secondary school in the movie
Chong Hwa Independent High School
extremely excited!!
It is a nice movie..
we kept laughing in the whole movie
There are my comments to the movie
must watch wei!!!


Anonymous said...

System down is not under our expectation, she seems act so kua zheong edy one, and quite unrespective to us actually, behavior of teaching a kindergarten child like tat.
Dun take it seriously, she is famous with her bad mouth, bad attitude.

Here my name is-
Allen MJ Ang ^^

lichi said...

Now I know your name~

jellirier...april said...

haiz..bad thing unfortunate things might happen anytime in our life.. so juz overcome it..try to think in another way, maybe this will train us to be more attentive to our belongings..

love matter?our school??wow~thx..i will watch tat later^^

lichi said...

Singapore drama
Ya, you can spot our school in the movie!!