Friday, March 13, 2009

You are a bitch!!!!

Why lie to me?
You are a bitch!!!
I know you lie to me..I know!!

Miss you so much, to every secondary school's friendssss...
Why I can't find the same "feeling" in my uni?
The truthfulness of friendship..
The happiness of life..

Lisher, I miss you
2 Cheng, I miss you
7 sha po, I miss you
Rong Han, I miss you
Qiao Er, I miss you
Yong Hui, I miss you
Wen Hui, I miss you
Yi Huan, I miss you
Sm, I miss you
Kah Leong, I miss you although we can each other everyday in uni

I dun wanna grow up!!

Although have a lot of homework
but I am happy

Although have to study till very night
but I am happy

Although math is very hard
but I am happy

Although have to cut short hair
but I am happy

Although society's work is busy
but I am happy

Although have to wake up early, sleep lately
but I am happy

Very Thank You to my secondary school 吉隆坡中华独中 which brings a lot of memories to me..I will keep it in my whole life...


kimi said...

miz u also lichi ^^
we are all around here...

sm.rayne said...

miss u too...b tough ya...ush!!!

SHUXIN said...

Thanks alot for yesterday. I really miss that night a lot a lot..
Be tough!
I'll always be there too ;)

lichi said...


hehe,Yihuan said you are saving money..What you want to buy?

lichi said...


Hey~recognize Shanghai guy for me arr..

jellirier...april said...

be tough gal~
we will always by ur side...

although i seldom leave comment, but i often visit ur blog de...

miss u too~^^
aja aja fighting!!

cooleong said...
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kimi said...


saving money to buy many things..
not convenient to tell here

cooleong said...

darling, who lied to you??sikeling...
i miss secondary life too..
there were a lot of fabulous memories..
however, everything lives by growing..
happiness and misery are rippling over our life..
just put down for a moment and carry on..
i will always be with you..
miss you..

lichi said...

Qiao Er:

I also always visit your blog..when you are back dun forget to call me out..

Ervin Ling said...

i like your blog^^
read a lot story.

keep up good work!!

btw,.. CHKL principal write blog too? what is his blog address?


lichi said...


Oops~i dun know about that..but i know he is a writer
Who are you?
also from chong hwa?