Sunday, June 7, 2009

My 20th birthday

26/5/09 was the last day of my Year One Final Exam
The last paper is SPF, from 9.30am-11.30am
After the exam, we went to Kajang to look for foods
Finally, we ended up in Sunagai Chua Lak Tang. The food is too spicy, everyone's cup is almost empty, kept drinking the ice tea to minimize the temperature of body..

After that, we went back to campus to attend the Teck Hee's ceremony.

After the ceremony, we headed to Metro Point.

We fight with the child and finally we won and there are the photo we took!

Next>>Music Box
Oh No,my suggestion is>>Don't come again!

Next>>have dinner in Kaki Corner
the food is nice except Kok chew's...Hawaiian chicken chop I think??
The taste is too weird weih~

After dinner, we straight away to Midvalley to watch "Angel and Demons"!!Oh nice~I like it!!

The movie until 12.00am and it is my birthday, my handphone started ringing, the calls and messages. The first call is form Kah Leong then is Kat from Ireland!How sweet~I can't list out all the name who sms me or call me, THANKSSSSSSS!!!I received all the wishes~

And thank you for singing my first birthday song in the toilet......It is quite special~
We went back to campus and they said still wanna play basketball so we straight away to the basketball court. Well, here it is>>>

Why the Happy Birthday is in Chinese but my name is in English one??

Thanks my girlssssssssssssss
Thanks dear

and also all my sons

We were very tired after having all thise activity in the whole day so we decided to cancel the planning of climbing Broga Hill in the next early morning. Then we all went to Sook Hwa's hostel to have pillow talk and also sleep together. Our pillow talk until 5am?4am?

In the morning, we went to mamak to have breakfast!

Michelle Tang's teddy set!!
The drinks, the white colour one is susu.Healthy right?

After the breakfast, I and Kah Leong went to meet yuinee and chiamay at Sunway!!

The driver~

Ooooh~so nice!!!I like Hagen-Dazs ice-cream so much but it is very expensive!!Haizzzz
Yeah~yuinee and chiamay bring me a lot of surprise people>>

Wen hui (sorry, I only have this)
Er gu
Wee Hang and Sueway

and also er gu's cake
yuinee and chiamay~
Rong han!!
Thank you!really very happy to see you guys!miss you all so much~
I never meet Sueway after graduated from Chong Hwa..I never meet Rong han for alomost one year ago..Thank you for bringing them here!!

After that, I and Kah Leong went back to cheras and we have dinner in Wang Jiao with Gee, Sook Hwa, Shirley and Bolwin..

This is FREE because of my birthday~We managed to finish the whole tank of milk tea because Bolwin was here~

Thanks for accompany me, Gee was planning to go pasar malam. She changed her plan because of sweet~haha...
Yea~I am not alone because of you guys...

After dinner, we went to watch "Terminator Salvation"
It was a happy ending for my 20th birthday...

Finally, I get my new wallet!Thanks~Kah
and also the body polish and perfume~

hope really can fullfill it~

Thank you my girls, i will use it while I am in UK and will take picture!!Thank you>>

This is from Kar sheng, Bolwin, Donny, Zhenyi and Markus!!
I like the card very much~

and also thank you wen hui for treating me lunch
thank you yihuan for the free tickets


Xjion89 said...

waaa, the tank of 奶茶, 这样喝!!!
哈哈哈!happy holiday(^^)

lichi said...

yea~we can finish!!but half is ice larr