Monday, June 22, 2009

yesterday was Father's day
since mum said cake is too sweet for "old people"
We(sisters) decided to make shushi for my dad

I promised my dad to go jogging in the morning
he brought us to a new "jogging area">>Taman Tun
when we reached there in the early morning
I was definitely regret!!
because the jogging area is like the mountain
somemore it is a long distance mountain
we WASTE 2 hours to climb this stupid mountain
my ass is painful now

After the breakfast,
we went home and started doing our shushi
actually it is not a difficult job~
can finish within 2 hours
and dad said the shushi taste like those which bought outside

last saturday,
I went back to Chong Hwa
this year is
Chong Hwa's 90th Anniversary
I have a suggestion:
We can have our lunch in Chong hwa's canteen
no need to find restaurant outside
better than SA so much@@

I like holidays
but it will be too bored if the holiday is too long

I want shopping~

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