Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Just wanna share some photos
This is a mouse balloon that I made myself

My hostel's cupboard is empty now
I moved out from there ad

The living room full of shoes
This is girl's house
That's why~
My little ultramen in my car
keep nodding his head when the sunlight is available
solar production

The view from my hostel

My calender and also all the reminder paper

like this pic
Su Bolwin
from Elien's hp
Su Bolwin again
Basket with me while eating in Cat Eyes
from Bolwin's hp

Markus's little bag
so cute
my bag is hanged on the door while I was in toilet
Library ground floor toilet

the shoe outside kah leong's house

cadet uniform from Kah Leong

After presentation
my lecturer David Hassel


jellirier...april said...

all those shoes in ur house...!!
too many man~
how many gals r there in ur house o???
oh gosh~~~

n hor...tat balloon doesnt look like a mouse la dear lichi~
it looks more like a sausage dog..
so-called "hot dog"...

kevinpnp said...

Really a lot of messy shoes... You should get a shoe rack for everyone. Share it with your housemates. It's not hygienic, really.

kimi said...

i like the last photo...
ur lecturer really handsome..but ho..fatty a bit izit? or muscular ..

and u look different...pretty yea..
like wanna relax on the beach ?...

lichi said...

april,What?!It is dog lol~I learn from Kor Wai, we went to a charity activity and make this balloon for the children, no ppl want to choose mine one~haha

lichi said...

kimi, thank you thank you~i dun whether he is fat or muscular but he is very tall...

Cooleong said...

I have really no comment to all your these photos as all these I have seen ad.... But the toilet's bag hanging one is quite interested... haha... It meant that you are so free inside the toilet and taking photos.. have u washed your camera?!~~~~ dear...

lichi said...

I used my handphone not camera, hehe!!