Friday, September 12, 2008

Moonlight Party**06092008

We organized a Moonlight Party in my house..
Lishan and Peifang were always the earliest who reached my home..
The following was Lisher..
Around 8.30pm FINALLY Keat,Evon,Mei Shi,Ji shen,Rong Qi,Joanne arrived..
So we started having our stemboat dinner..
We were chating,playing.laughing,talking the past time story,keep searching our memory

After having meal..
We made the Moral Project
Here we go>>>>

1)Keat,Jishen,Jin loong were washing the glasses...

2)Lisher and Shan were cleaning the plates..
3)Peifang was cleaning the window..Actually she was acting..You see..she laughed so happily
4)Joanne was cleaning the table..

5)Mei shi was arrangging the utensils..She was acting too..
6)Evvon put the chair back to the place..
7)Rong Qi was helping Evvon..
8)I was cooking..but i was holding a knife..hehe

We took a lot of funny photo that night..

One of them is 家好月圆。。

~Happy Ending~

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