Thursday, November 27, 2008


Now is 2.25pm,
I just finished my Presentation,
I was EXTREMELY scare during the Presentation,
Finally it is over...
Let's celebrate~

The comment of lecturer is:
It's too short~


SHUXIN said...

congrats!! now u can relax d.. :)
how was it how was it?
did they bomb u with lots of questions?

lichi said...

I think it is ok for the question because i still can answer THEM..Lau Phei Li asked 3 questions..Before that, i prepared 1 question, Jay pura-pura ask me..than i pura-pura answer(actually i hafal the answer ad)..haha..

Lau Phei Li said my presentation is too short,only 5 minutes..

Perashanth was so SMART today..he talked without notes..

Anonymous said...'s over...
i said u can do it..
right,by the way, congratulation.

SHUXIN said...

Wahh... Lau Phei Li asked so many questions? what she asked? I think its okay with Perashanth, he can be very talkative sometime..
anyway, its over d.. now u can relax

kevinpnp said...

Good to know it's over. I'm not good in presentation either. I always try to avoid it. Hehe....

lichi said...


I tried my best ad..

lichi said...


1)Where can we find the yellow skinned Dragon Fruits?


2)Is it the red-flesh dragon fruit come from white-flesh dragon fruits?

no,actually they are two different types.

3)What is the uses of Calcium in production?

It is a micronutrient.

Question 2 and 3 i am not sure the answer..

lichi said...


Ya~me too..
I hope i can escape from that forever..

jellirier said...

next next week i got presentation oso...bout philosophy...=.=
lets add oil together la^^

lichi said...
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lichi said...

Do medic student study philosophy?

No worry~everything has the first time..somemore u were the president last time..doesnt matter for u..