Wednesday, November 19, 2008

FINALLY i lost my pendrive

FINALLY I lost my pendrive..why I put is because I expected I will lost it someday in the future.. FINALLY I lost it..That day(Monday) I was rushing to do my lab report which has to hand in on Tuesday in the TISCRA 3..I plugged my pendrive into the USB port of the computer..after finishing my report, I was so happy to print it out until forgot to remove my pendrive before I leave the room…I realized it has gone on the another day morning, when I rushed back to TISCRA 3, it was too late..someone has already removed it…I have reported to the security department..they said no similar pendrive in the FOUND items box..sad~However..i have already accepted the truth and is going to buy another new one..

My ex-pendrive:

Toshiba(2GB) with a decoration white cartoon tagged "Lichi"


kevinpnp said...

Hmm.... I've randomly found your blog. I had a read of it, and I'm now a little bit confused.

You lost your pendrive and every data in it but you sounded happy?? Hmm....

I also noticed that you study in Nottingham, but here in UK don't have ajinomoto factory one wor.

Some more you studied in Chong Hwa? Which Chong Hwa?? I studied at the one in Jalan Ipoh.

This will be very interesting. You can visit my blog if you're free.

lichi said...

I will answer your question one by one..
1)although i lost my pendrive, fortunately i have saved all my data into the school computer before so i got backup.Some more i did type "SAD" in my post..hehe..~旧的不去新的不来~

2)I am studying in Nottingham Malaysia campus which locate in Semenyik.Ajinomato factory is in KL. So it is still possibles.

3)Yup~my secondary school is CHONG Hwa Independent High School(Jalan Ipoh)

Anonymous said...

don't be sad for the pendrive..
i will buy u another new one.. ok?
and free somemore a new cartoon rubber... :)

lichi said...

Can i have a colorful cartoon?last time the white one could easily dirty..