Saturday, November 29, 2008


I am so damn down now..
i received an email from my uni..

"I regret to inform you that one of our fellow students who got attacked at forest bar some days back has suddenly passed away this morning.
He is a final year student of the Faculty of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

How can this happen so suddenly??
Forest bar is nearby my hostel..very near...
Semenyik is really a dangerous place...

I got a Math test on Tuesday..
no mood to study ad..

the uni should to something to protect the students..there are not only one case happened ad..there are so many cases happened in the few months ago..they did nothing to ameliorate security here..the street light along the road also not working..really irritating ..How student live peaceful there?

Really hope everything there can be improved~


SHUXIN said...

they should do something about it..
I feel so unsecured living ther:( We need a peaceful environment to study:S Hopefully this will be the last incident alr.. and.. hopefully he R.I.P.

lichi said...

Depend on his name..He maybe from Africa..African pun kena attacked..really scaring~

kevinpnp said...

I think the student should also learn to be careful themselves.

When I'm in uni, there are also students who died, just because they like finding troubles.

I know it's sad to know some students in your uni died, but you have to move on. I had a friend who commit suicide during the exam period. But life still have to move on, so as your exam.

Aung said...

He was a Sri Lankan and it was a mistaken identity case.
He was murdered by mistake.
RIP... Sarankan..

kimi said...

oways becareful o~~
take care ^^

lichi said...

I heard today..

Xjion89 said...

Yalor, tat is so horrible. U all juz have to be more careful. Crime rate is really increasing!

~yn~ said...

hey qi~~
better be extra careful~!!
don't go places alone lor...
hmm... but i know u can jaga urself de~~ =)

looks like u're very super busy these days...
GAMBATEH~! ^^ n take good care of ur health too~~

hehehe... we come out yum cha again nxt time!!

lichi said...

Ya..i will be extra careful..

i am waiting for u..