Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I finished my Presentation presentation is coming soon on next Friday(28-11-2008)..count down 10 days from now..I feel damn takut nervous when every times awakening I have to speak in front of people..I have already forgotten that last time when i was the president,how i speak in front of the members during activities..some more i was the vice president of Leaders of Society..speaking in public was so accustomed to me..I was so Smart when i was studying in Chong Hwa..BUT you couldn't find this style of Lichi in Nottingham anymore..Everyday think about how to catch up the to finish the to settle the extra entertainment.only in studies..I keep remembering myself that "Work hard in this several months,after that I can release and enjoy my 3++months vacation"..Yup~everything will be OK..take it easy~

Now i can cancel Math Coursework and Presentation from the below list...Cheer for me~Tomorrow Chemical Engineering students are going to visit Industry Ajinomotor..therefore the Math lecture for tomorrow is already canceled..It means that i have no class tomorrow so i can shirk to sleep lately, read my friction "The Second Husband"..Cheer for me again~..

Forgot to introduce my Presentation..
Dragon Fruits
do eat more dragon fruits because it can lower the glucose level in your body..some more can gain a lot of Vitamin C...I extremely like it..

I want to sleep now..Goodnight~

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