Wednesday, January 21, 2009


This morning I went to Damansara specialist to do a Thyroid Blood Test because my doctor want me to "visit" him before Chinese New Year~I reached there around 11.00am..not much patients in the hospital..very quickly that was my turn..the stupid nurse injected a needle into my arm and he failed to find my vessel..he was turning the needle around to seek my vessel..Shit!!I told him:"pain lar!!" He quickly pull out the needle..then changed another new one injected into my arm one more time..finally, I could see my blood flowing into the injection tube..Oh God~there are two hole on my arm..

After that, I sent some New Year 's gift to my uncle's house which is located in SS2..then headed to 1 utama with kl..We went to Neway..I wanna celebrate "finished-exam"with him..because he finished his exam Yesterday 6.30pm..It was late and he straight went home..Well,now have a promotion in Neway, it is quite value for students..From 1pm-7pm,only RM8++for student included a lunch meal and a drink..not bad ,right?

My bruise on my is not clear..hehe


kimi said...

i still wonder why there is a bruise there..

wasn't it caused by the injection?

lichi said...

when the needle was injected into my blood vessel, it would injury my vessel then caused bruise..

Anonymous said...

it's RM8 plus a compulsory RM9 nuts... sikeling... so pity to see that u had been injected by two times.. useless old male nurse... next time scream loudly... "Hey!!! Do you really know to inject??!!!! XXX you...."... hiahiahia..

lichi said...

still wanna talk about the's very cheap ad..