Monday, January 19, 2009

A good news and a bad news

I have a good news and a bad news to share..

I would like to share my good news first
only the bad one..

The good news is..
My final exam had already finished this morning..I sure everyone who just finished exam will have the same feeling so i just skip it... my semester 2 starts at 2 I am just waiting for Chinese New Year...Before that, i wanna go shopping...havent buy my new clothes...etc...

The bad news is..
My hostel's window latch was broken last week(actually dun know the actual time but i realized last week) when I went back to my hostel in Semenyih..I saw my locker was opened beside i am strongly sure that i did lock my locker before I went back home two weeks ago..Then I checked my window and realized that it was broken..someone climbed into my room and trying to steal my things..fortunately, only some of my foods were stolen..because I didnt leave any valuable things in my hostel..and I discovered an empty chocolate milk on my table..I really surprised because my room is on upstairs..How could the thief climb into my room?somemore there are several guards patrol in my area..OMG!!!Poor security larrrr...How can this things happen in a security area?



renaye said...

that is so scary! luckily u r not even in the hostel! u never know what do the thieves will do.

Xjion89 said...

ooomg that is really scary. U really hv to add lock!!!

Yalor, really a hidden countryside...hehe, next time, let's go together(^^)

lichi said...

Ya,if i were there..OMG~I also dun dare to imagine what the hell will be going on..

should go together,i like that peaceful..

lihjiun said...

God bless u that u r not in hostel that time. u gotta b more careful in ur hostel.. this should be report to ur campus or who is concerned of it. this is so scary...

lichi said...

We reported ad and the accommodation department changed our lock..i hope they will add grid for us..

rduht said...

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