Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hurt myself

I hurt myself accidentally~
My cousin brother who is chef student came to my house just now, he wanna make a dessert for us>>Apple Tar..We went to bakery shop to buy ingredients then headed to Sri Bestari to pick up my sister..then straight away to Desa Park City to have lunch>>BBQ Chicken..After that, went home and started our baking time..I was just an assistance of my cousin brother..When I was sharping the lemon's skin..I cut my finger un-deliberately..too bad~

I didnt take any photos of the Apple Tar..lazy~

My blood test report is ready tomorrow..I am going to "visit" my doctor in the morning..Good Luck to me~


Anonymous said...

oh god... why so careless to hurt yourself... take care of the wound.. kesian o... anyway be careful next time though I know you learn to make the apple tar because of me....hehehe...

lichi said...

Not because of u lol~

I will be extra careful next worry~