Friday, January 2, 2009


Actually i have no idea what to i titled this post as 2009..Hey guys~dun miswriting the date as 2008..

I went to Subang to renew my passport this morning, Damn!!I spent 5 hours over there because the machine broken down today..

Finally my dad change a new computer for us..Oops~actually is for my brother and sisters..they should be excited because no need to stuck with the pity old computer need to borrow my laptop as well..

I am going back to hostel next final exam is coming..I still planning to go out with wen hui..etc..tomorrow..hehe..

I went back to my secondary school-Chong Hwa on Thursday..Visited the leadership camp..It is not leadership camp anymore..they changed all the style..the president(Kai Qi) told me..felt a bit sad actually..i used to lead the camp..but now it is totally change to a difference leading style..Perhaps it is good for them..As time passed, people should change their mind and of course the style of working..Haman's superiority is to suit themselves in new environment..Yet I dumb in it..That's what i should learn in my whole life..The new year bring me new hope..My dream may come true~

~Play Hard Work Hard~


kevinpnp said...

New year, new hope, new bottle of whiskey!!!

Anonymous said...

i m so wondering you write out the what about Haman's superiority.. anyway, we played we learned.. dream may comes true..

lichi said...

New whiskey!!!Ya~cool man..

lichi said...

Actually i wanted to write Human's superiority..I typed wrongly..