Friday, January 16, 2009


I just finished my Sustainability paper at 5.05pm..That moment I was extremely excited..Some words was flooding in my mind.."FINALLY...FINALLY..FINALLY"..

Honestly I dislike this subject because no calculation and all essay in the courseworks and exam..I really dun like essay larr..I am engineer student..should be interested in calculation not essay...a stressful subject for me..the last subject to aim>>PEF on Monday 9.30am..after that i will be headed to 1 utama with my coursemate..Yo~

Please dun want ask me that queation>>
"how was your Sustainability paper?"
I will just give the same answer..
"I dun care, just let it go!!"

When i was studying in library this morning, i kept persuading myself.."I wanna change to pure Chemical Engineering..I want to change..I dun want to study this subject..i dun wan..i dun want.."Around 3pm, i went to the exam room(F1A03)..saw a lot of students waiting outside the room..I walked toward my coursemates..they were discussing the same topic.."they want to change course!!" Haha..everyone taking Sustainability has the same perspective>>We want to change course..


SHUXIN said...

congrats :)
Told u u can do it de la^^
Seriously u gonna change course?

Anonymous said...

the moment you past up your paper must be very very excited.. i understand you... i knew you didnt like this kind of writing-essay-in-english stuff... anyway.. it's a good news to hear that you finished it already.. happy PEF exam... and in turn happy celebrate new year..

kevinpnp said...

Yeah yeah... I hate sustainability stuff... Very Hippy... Just like in the 70's...

Anyway, I've been following your blog for quite some time. I'm finally back to KL for 2 weeks. Hoping to have a meet up with a few bloggers. Are you up to it? My temp. number is 017 2240 628.

I've also asked your friend Shu Xin to come. It's not a mass gathering, cause I'm not good in crowds.

lichi said...


I gave u the answer ad,right?

Happy new year to u too, hope u have a good luck in tomorrow exam..then celebrate with u on wednesday..

Actually i dun know who are u..but it sound good..but i will be staying in my hometown during chinese new year, then school reopen..

kevinpnp said...

Can you give me a call when you see this. So we can arrange a time to meet up if possible. :D I don't have your number and I can't check this all the time. Hope you understand.

lichi said...

but I am going back to hometown soon..only will back to kl at 2 Feb..then reopen school,I will be in semenyih~