Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Holiday in Lumut**27/12-30/12

My final exam is around the corner..I spent my Study Weeks in Lumut with my family..felt very guilty but i really enjoyed the trip..The most important reason is this is the first time i go traveling with my mother-side family..What can i say is it was a funny trip..Seriously~

This is the luggages we brought..i wanna announce that-That is only a small part of our luggages..Actually our trip is 4 days 3 nights..not 4 years 3 months..

Even the colour of the sky also nicer than KL's..I do like the environment in village..nice,clean,fresh air,clear water,green plants...I captured this image in the bus..I like the greenness of the image..

Oops~I forgot to say..we went there by bus..we rent a bus and took a traveling package but the timetable is very flexible..They just arrange what we need..Can you imagine how many person we have?...A lots..

Finally we reached Lumut after sitting 5 hours in the bus..We stayed in Damai Laut Resort..This was the first photo i capture in this resort..Wow~I like the sea...and of course the swimming pool..We spent 4 days 3 nights in this resort..

I met Lee Jia Li (my secondary friend)over here..she also came here during her vacation..
See all the drunker were taking their whiskey's cup...

My dad brought his 2 "babe" to share..According to their opinion, the beer is very nice..I did drink some..Oops~is tried some..i dont think it is nice..hehe..coke is nicer~

We had all our lunch and dinner here..

In the another day, we went out to the sea by a boat..about 12 person in one boat..We went around the island by boat..

The ships which is used in a war..
My cousin sister..

Pangkor Laut~it is a very nice place and the traveling expense here is extremely high because this island is private island..We didnt get down there because we have to pay at least 50 bucks once we step on the island..Crazy kah?

A lot of "salted fish"~
We were preparing to go diving..

We were playing beach volleyball beside the resort..
My cousin~
The next day, we went to play paint ball..
Guess which is me?
The second team

The third team
The fourth team..

Tiring game~water ball...need much energy to move in the water..really tired after playing this one..


SHUXIN said...

i feel very guilty too:(
i am totally not prepared for the upcoming exam.. gahhh!! i dunno what to do now besides studying :(
stressed up!!
anyway, all the best:)

Anonymous said...

haha... I got you.. the second one from the right.. right?~~ so cool..
I am really hope to play paintball game one day cause i thought it must be a very exciting and cool game, even since i knew that it is not cheap game..

I m happy to hear that you were so enjoyed in your lumut trip.. it's nice.. don't so worry about your study progression, you can do that.. you are my babe.. you can.. i trust you.. first class, ok? hehe... good luck..

lichi said...

Ya, me too..
Study weeks should not be now..
A lot of large events around..
Christmas, New Year, School Holidays..
OMG~ i spent all my time in celebration..really cant concentrate on my study....

lichi said...

Ya..That is me..
We should take part in the Paintball game last time..I think it is suitable for u..every excited game lol..

first class is impossible for me..seriously~i am not prepared..