Friday, December 19, 2008

Chritsmas's Party in Bolwin's Hostel

16/12/2008(Tuesday) we had no lecture so we planned to organize a small Party in Bolwin's hostel..Yup~a small BBQ which only had our coursemate and kl..Well, we went to swimming in the morning..Then we planned to go Tesco which is located in Kajang to buy some BBQ stuff..
After swimming, i and..
Shuxin were sitting in Marcus's car..
And the Bolwin was sitting in front..we were looking around for our breakfast..
This is our driver..Thanks~ and sorry because we wasted a lot of petrol of ur car..we went to the wrong place..but finally we reached Tesco..
That was what we eat that morning>>>KFC..Yummy~
I didnt take any photos in the Tesco..
About 5pm, we started to prepare for our BBQ..

Wey Mein(guy wearing red shirt) is a real good guy..Nothing to worry if he is here..nice~Yeap~I and Shuxin fried these nuggets and French Fries..Nice~ we are superwomen..haha

Bolwin's laptop provided great songs to us..and the speakers on the table as a nice audio in our party..They were sounded by foods..
I remembered that Rong Han teach me to bake the potatoes and sweet potatoes in BBQ..wrapped up them in aluminum foil and throw them into the charcoal..after BBQ, take them out and serve it..because they take long time to cooked..I followed the direction but the potatoes was over cooked and became black in colour..I scorched the potatoes..Oops~Sorry..

This guy was burning the Mummy~
Can you see the chicken wings? they were so delicious..
This guy not enough full and went to buy burger..hehe
Omg~What was this girl doing?..Shuxin~~~ur tongue should put out more..hahaahaha

Crazy guys.. long???!!!
We drank alcohol after that..chit chat ..and played a Secret game..This is from Bolwin..Chivas..I drank without adding any water..pure chivas..Oops~like burning my organ inside my body..Cis~

We took the last photo after the Party..All from Chemical Engineering..

Although it is a small party but fun..we know each others more after the party..I wont be lonely in my uni after having them beside me..Although only two girls in this gang(me and Shuxin) but i dont care..the most important is WE ARE HAPPY...

My first party in Nottingham...Christmas's Party


Anonymous said...

Awww, it's so unfortunate for all the charcoal potatoes.
There was a nice experience with course friends in uni. Though I was be the party with you, it's feel kinda strange since I am not the from chemical eng. However , I was still grateful to you to have me a nice experience to know your friends. They are friendly and playful.

kimi said...

i know who is this...
is jialiang....

SHUXIN said...

Agree agree!!!
ewww... shud censored that pic larr T.T so memalukan lar.. @@
yea yea!! we enjoyed to the max!! although we went home quite late but enjoy!!! Hoping for the next party lik this one :)

kevinpnp said...

Don't worry... the potatoes can be reused as charcoal... Haha...

You'll need to wrap the aluminium foil the right way. The shiny part inside, the 'not so shiny part' outside. :D

Xjion89 said...

oooooo, wat a fun party thre.!

Hahah, Merry Christmas(^^)!!!!!!!!!