Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas's Present

Christmas's Present from kah leong..
Too much food..cant finish..
Wanna say thank you to this guy..sorry for cutting your head..haha..


SHUXIN said...

jealous :(
i dun hv any pressies T.T

Anonymous said...

thanks anyway for your present...i like it..
so regret to have my lunch on the set of giant burgers..
never step in again..
i felt even the cheapest mc chicken is better than it.. sikeling..
happy day..

lichi said...


kevinpnp said...

That's a very good whiskey your father got there. It's Glenfiddich 18 years single malt whiskey. Stays in the throat longer... Mmm..

I was looking for it when I was back in Malaysia, but I can't find it. Over here it's about 30 pounds for 1 bottle. Where did your dad bought that??

lichi said...

Ya~my dad stored up this whiskey for long period..Dun even got the smell from your body after drink it..he bought in the other foreign..I am not sure the actual place but sure not in Malaysia..