Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008@Welcome 2009

The time now is 8:28pm..
After 3 more is another year-2009

I am waiting for my cousins, uncles, aunties..
We have a count down party at my place.
Steamboat and BBQ..
However, I am unhappy now..
Because of some irritating reasons..
I am not going to write here..
I just express my sadness to someone i trust..
BUT u seem very busy and didnt give me any good feedback..
Not even a warmness word i need..


SHUXIN said...

*pad* *pad* dun sad.. Cheer up:)

Anonymous said...

babe.. i 'm so sorry for didn't realize that you were not very happy that night.. however.. happy new year to you...let's cheer up for us to be 20's.. we shall always be happy, alright~.. love u..