Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I am crazy about Coffee

I wanna scream for Coffee right here..I really crazy about it..Could i know who discovered Coffee bean?It was a grandeur achievement..You see~the time now is 12:40 am..but i am still blogging..people who know me well, can summarize that "Lichi sleeps early, she couldnt burn the midnight's oil"..but now..i am still here..because i had a cup of coffee after my meal..Later, i am going to watch Prison Break, i think i can finish the Session 1 today..

Besides, i know coffee is not good to take too much..i know i know..but i need coffee..We should not ignore the benefits of coffee..As i know, drink Coffee can reduce the risk of getting cancer..Some more it is good for female..But everything over is not good..


kevinpnp said...

Now only you discover the beauty of coffee?? Hehe...

Tell you one thing. When I was in uni, I drank a lot of coffee.. (around 7-9 cups a day)... Then, I started eating coffee powder just because its bitterness makes me awake.

Then the fun begins!!! I started having 'coffee shakes'. It's like your hand will suddenly shake by itself (something to do with the nerves). But I don't know that this is caused by coffee, until I told my friends about it (2 months later).

Take care of your body la. Don't go too extreme like me lar. But I'm sure you won't be addicted lar. :D

lichi said...

Actually I also got the same situation as u when i was studying in secondary school..My whole body shake by heartbeat was extremely fast..However i overcome this problem worry~I am not that crazy as u..I take not more than 2 cups per day..

But i admire u because UK's Coffee bean is nicer..right?

Anonymous said...

However, i felt that 2 cups a day are also very much. U better take 1 cup as maximum a day. Don't forget u have been a suffering bitter experience before with the coffee and i have been with u together to overcome's fortunate.. Take care of your body, babe.

lichi said...

Ya~I will control myself..I still remember that feeling..