Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bukit Tagar Sanitary Landfill(edited)

I know it was late..At least i do upload the photos..hehe..These photos were taken when we visited to Bukit Tagar last time by my handphone..Now is Photo time..Here we go>>
Bukit Tagar is located in Rawang..When we were on the way to Bukit Tagar, i saw "Rawang" on the signboard .Before we entered into the Bukit Tagar..We could smell the busuk of the rubbishessssThere are 1000k tonnes of rubbishes over there (actually i dont know the exactly number)
This kind of leaf can help to refresh the air over the smell there still boleh tahan..
I leaved my sign in this book can prove that i have been there..
They treated us teh..

We climbed up to the Leachate Treatment Plant to see the Leachate..As a Environmental engineer, it is not easy job.
This was what we Curry???I captured this beside the Leachate Treatment Plant..I think it is a machine which is used in the process of treatment..
This is the Leachate after the last process>>Reed Beds..It is quite clean..(ignore the soil)
These are three samples of Leachate, the first one is before treatment process, second one is during treatment process, the last one is after the treatment process..You can compare the colour..It shown that the treatment process really efficiencies.

Leachate-the water from the rubbishes


SHUXIN said...

Looks dirty and disgusting larr
must be very smelly @@

Xjion89 said...

OOO, finally upload the pics . hehe, it was a cool trip indeed.(^^)

kimi said...

it was like...
the teh was coming from the factory


lichi said...
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lichi said...


Actually the place very clean, i didnt see any fly there..Got a bit smelly..

lichi said...


Yup~ i like it..


OMG~i did drink the teh..
so far no problems..

SHUXIN said...

is that means there are possibilities that water we consume are from *ahem*? omg..@@

lichi said...


No lar..used in agriculture..

kevinpnp said...

That machine that you've taken a photo of. I think it's a pump. It's just extracting waste water to another treatment plant or chamber.

Regarding the tea that you all drink, it's not from the treatment plant. Normally treatment plants just convert waste water into grey water and discharge it to nearby watercourse. It's not economical to process wastewater into drinking water. Cost too much and takes too long.

But actually, all these treatment process is actually separating leachates/pollutants from water. That's it. All these leachates will have to be buried somewhere.

lichi said...

As i know, they will sell those leachate to some company which produce yogurt or vitagen..It can be sold quite high price..

dolphinblue said...

I am super interested to go for a visit. May I know how you make the arrangement?