Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My LAST lab report

Oh Yeah~
i just got through my Last Lab Report. Yup~it is my LAST report in this semester and i am going to accomplish my 1st semester in Nottingham one week after.Oops~ however what had i learnt in this few months???Actually i got not much from the lecturer..Most of the knowledge, we should gain it byself in the uni..It's time to learn how to be independent in self-study..It is Hard..(i think)..I want to emulate the ex-Lichi

Very fortunately i was able to hand in my PEF's coursework yesterday..The stupid question stuck all of us..I did it in the freaking rush situation..didnt even know what am i writing..just keep copying the answer from friends..really felt sad about that..i am full of apology to my MUM..Sorry~

Tomorrow is public holiday in Selangor..I am not going home..will stay at hostel..maybe going to swimming tomorrow..I wanna exercise..

Now, the last assignment due date is this saturday..i wanna finish it by tomorrow..writing essay AGAIN~hate hate hate..


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