Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A small Christmas's Party at home**25122008

These are garlic breads..Yummy~Please ignore the black colour part..over heated..

The mashed-potatoes -Lichi
French fried-Xuan
Steak- Mum
Vegetables- Juan
Breads- bought by Dad

Is it a delicious meal?...Yeap~

My dad kept saying he wanted to get a big present..finally u see what he got?..He got the cheapest one..haha..Snacks..RM1.80..
We took a nice photo before the meal..

Belated ~Merry Christmas~


Anonymous said...

your dad seem very happy to get the snack...haha..
nice to you family had christmas party even not christian..

lichi said...

Hahaha..actually he was pity..hehe..Ya~I will try to make more celebration or even a small eating party at home with my family..We share our happiness..