Saturday, December 13, 2008

Africa Food

Kb,Kingba is my housemate, she is also my coursemate too..from Africa..she treated me a meal on Wednesday..look at the photo above..the white color thing is called "Suji" which is previously look like flour..they eat them as rice..the orange color beside is a type of curry..actually not curry..they eat 'Suji" with this..The taste is quite weird but still acceptable..

Learnt more from her ..all about Africa..Thanksss..
I am going to teach her to use chopsticks next week..

Now I have finished all my assignmentsss, courseworkss, lab, report, etc... is time to prepare for my final exam..5 subjects in my final..banyaknya~


SHUXIN said...

Haha.. i bet i dun dare to try.. Looks very pekat lik tat..

sm.rayne said...

wow, ur life sound great!!!
gambateh~~miss ya~~muakzz...keke

lichi said...

I just tried a bit..not bad..but cant dare to eat much..

actually i am boring here..why u din come to find me?u promised me..